Project for a Day: Graphene

We dabbled a bit with the idea of making graphene, but didn’t manage it, given our limited resources.  However, it turns out that a stick of 2B 0.7mm pencil lead from one end to the other has a surprisingly low resistance: ~1.4 ohms.  Unfortunately, since pencil lead is a mixture of graphite and clay, it is unsuitable as a source of graphite for graphene extraction with scotch tape.  A source of graphite with less foreign material is necessary to extract a meaningful amount of graphene.  Don’t forget also that we don’t have an easy or reliable means of verification at our disposal.  Nevertheless, graphene is fascinating and we had fun discussing it.

Here’s a few links about the various interesting properties of graphene:

A short summary of interesting properties:

The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2010:

Some informational videos about graphene and other topics:

And as always, a google search will turn up many, many more.  We’ll leave that to you.

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