Physics Olympics 2011: Block Stacking

To construct a wooden block structure on one side of a reference line with the largest overhang over the line.

The brick wall event is an excellent way for students to show their applications of science and mathematics in creative and fun ways. Center of mass, statics, and structural design are just a few of the concepts needed.

The Competition:
1. The stacking surface will be a hard, smooth and level surface with a line marking the boundary.
2. The structure must be constructed using only the blocks provided.
3. The blocks will all be a uniform size, shape, and weight (some small variation in size, density, and mass can be expenced, due to the intrinsic nature of wood).
4. No part of the structure may touch the surface on one side of the line.
5. The time limit is 15 minutes.
6. Any number of attempts may be made within the allotted time with each being measured by a judge.
7. The structure must remain unsupported long enough to be measured by a judge.
8. The overhang is defined as the shortest horizontal distance from the line to the most distant part of the structure.
9. Only your largest overhang will be used to determine the final standings, where the participant with the largest overhang is the overall winner.

Materials (will be provided at the event):
· 15 blocks

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